Kobo Forma Review: An Expensive eBook Solution

Kobo Forma Review: An Expensive eBook Solution

Over the past few years, the book industry has experienced a renaissance, while e-reader sales have plummeted. The e-reader market is losing customers as the majority prefer to use a smartphone. But, manufacturers continue to release new devices, one of the latest is Kobo Forma.

Kobo Forma Overview

Will the new Kobo reader be popular? Most likely not, since it is quite expensive and not everyone will agree to pay 18,000 rubles. However, it may well become a competitor for the second generation of the Amazon Kindle Oasis.

Kobo Forma reviews

Kobo Forma Design

With the exception of some moments, the device is made in the same design as other Kobo e-readers. But, there is an important feature here – Forma turned out to be surprisingly thin. With a thickness of 8.9 mm, it was thinner than the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

The Kobo Forma reader is equipped with an 8-inch E-Ink screen and a handle on one side. The handle curves up slightly to make it comfortable to hold the gadget with one hand. No matter how you hold Forma, it has an accelerometer that will automatically adjust the orientation.

Kobo Forma design

On the handle are buttons for turning pages, https://jiji.ng/shoes power, and a micro-USB connector for charging. The scroll keys are sensitive and easy to press. The power button here for some reason was not in the most convenient place. I’m also surprised to see a micro-USB port here, and not a generic USB-C, given the cost of the reader.

The back panel here is plastic, with a pleasant texture, and the coating is rubberized. This allows you to securely hold the device with one hand, however, reduces the cost of appearance. Even compared to the less expensive second generation Kindle Oasis. But, Forma from Kobo received protection according to the IPX8 standard, which means it can withstand immersion under water to a depth of 1 meter for an hour.

Kobo Forma thickness

The dimensions here are such that you cannot hide the gadget in your pocket, although it will be invisible in your bag.

Screen and its settings

The Kobo Forma’s E-Ink screen is eight inches – larger than any other display in a Kindle or Kobo model. The panel is an inch larger than the Kindle Oasis and 2 inches larger than most e-reader screens. While those inches make the Forma less portable, it’s not the worst compromise to make it easier to read.

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